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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Buy or Review Life Insurance?

As a life agent I assist people in making educated decisions primarily on their options in health insurance. At this time I am doing this only in the State of CA, and have been now for 15 years. In this amount of time, with my focus on health insurance I have been forced to understand the importance and significance of sharing the need for life insurance with my clients. Life insurance is not something people like to talk about, health insurance is the insurance needed to help you get better, but life insurance is final. It is to take care of the family and or business in the loss of life. Life insurance is something people put off buying. How, then I wonder does one know the perfect time to talk about and purchase life insurance. How long can one "put it off"?

This week alone in our community 3 lives have been lost and one hangs on by life support. The ages? 21, 47, and 49. The one on life support-17.

Have you ever gone to a funeral home to prepare for taking care of a loved one? I just had my first experience. The cost of the funeral home and their arrangements is talked about within 15 minutes of sitting down and talking with a consultant, or counselor. Then, you move into decisions like burial, casket, cremation, etc. Let's say you decide casket, now you must decide wood or stainless steel. Now, they show you options and the range from $595 all the way to over $15,000.00. What if you decide cremation? What Urn do you want to purchase. The picture I am painting for you is real. These are real decisions you are asked to make and they need to be made usually right then and there! There is no time to go home and think about it, if there is at most it would be a day or two. Death is final. Death doesn't announce it's timing nor does it make it easy to make these decisions. Denial, pain, numbness, these are what your family is going through, and the financial requirements for most becomes a huge burden.

What can you do and when should you do it? You can have your agent review your life insurance policies today and make sure they are sufficient and able to meet the needs of the family. You can meet with an agent TODAY who will help you determine the right policy for your needs.

You can call me! For California residents my number is toll free 1-866-685-0397 or email me at

It is heavy on my heart now that I have helped a family through this process and although I knew these costs and needs were real it was not as real to me as it is today having experienced it. I have a new passion for this part of my business and I am determined to help as many people as possible, walk down this road now before it is too late.

If you are uncomfortable now talking about life insurance, or you think you may not be able to afford it, then think how uncomfortable it will be for your loved ones when they are faced with it and find themselves with NO FINANCIAL protection. Take pain and sadness and add financial burden and stress to any one person and the equation can be toxic.

Get your financial house in order. Be prepared. Walk though these decisions now as a way to provide love, peace and comfort to your family in their most desperate time of need.

Call today! Needs can be determined, quotes for A+ rated companies can be offered and application can be taken right over the phone. A policy can be issued in as little as 14 days!

Hayley Friedman
Life Agent, California Department of Insurance License #0B88844
Chuck Huggins Insurance Services
Toll Free 1-866-685-0397

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