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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taylor-D Miss.- signs bill to repeal Healthcare Reform

According to Politico (9/16, Sherman), Taylor, who is a Blue Dog Democrat, "underscores how unpopular the legislation is in some conservative districts held by Democrats -- although he voted against the bill. Taylor, though, has bucked trends for years, holding onto the Gulf Coast seat since 1989." The Hill (9/16, Lillis) also reports the story in its Healthwatch blog.
Dems Who Voted Against Healthcare Law Escape Retribution. Politico (9/15, Isenstadt) reports, "After 34 House Democrats voted against the health care bill in March, liberal groups and their allies in the labor movement vowed to exact revenge. The threats ranged from crippling primary election challenges to a withdrawal of support for some of the offending lawmakers," and "in a few cases, activists even went so far as to say they would run third-party candidates against the Democrats in November." But, Politico notes that "five months later, the group of 34 has emerged from primary season not much worse for the wear. Every one of the 30 lawmakers who voted against the health care bill and is seeking another term won re-nomination."

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