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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Premiums Will Go Up with Healthcare Reform!

You can't expect anyone to offer anything for FREE, SOMEONE PAYS FOR IT! Here's report from SFC:

The San Francisco Chronicle (8/9, Colliver) reports, "Employers and consumers sorting through their health insurance options may see a bump in their rates next year to account for the potential impact of some of the early elements of the federal health overhaul law, according to some health experts." The provisions which will take effect this year include ones that "require health plans to cover adult children until age 26, extend coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, end maximum lifetime spending limits, and end the practice of retroactively canceling a member's coverage for any reason other than fraud." Still, "health policy watchers say it's tough to know whether these reforms will have much impact on costs, which routinely outpace increases in wages and inflation."

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